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Vintage Carved Wood Figure Hound Dog Folk Art Figure Brasstown North Carolina

Extraordinary Wood Carvers 3 Fantastic wood carvers Vintage carved wood figure hound dog folk art figure brasstown north carolina long x 4 high (highest point top of rump). THE FIGURE CARVED IS FINISHED IN A SMOOTH POLISHED WOOD. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK AND I WILL PROMPTLY RESPOND. Should there be any fault with item, it will be fully detailed in the description.

Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty 150yrs Hand Carved Wood Panel Red Yumu Elm 19x37

Making Exquisitely Carved Ebony Chairs How to Bleach and Spray with PU paint For Ebony Chairs Antique chinese qing dynasty 150yrs hand carved wood panel red yumu elm 19x37 as china attempts to maintain her long cultural heritage, such carvings are no longer being allowed out the country. You'll love it, I guarantee it. During the Chinese cultural revolution most of these fabulous carvings were destroyed.
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